The Local Authority believes taking leave of absence from school will be harmful to a child’s education and affects the efficient running of the school. Therefore, parents are requested not to take children out of school during term time. Where a child is to be taken out of school during term time for reasons other than sickness, or  medical appointments a Leave of Absence request form must be completed and submitted to the Headteacher at least 5 days in advance. Holidays are at the discretion of the Headteacher and will only be authorised under exceptional circumstances or for compassionate reasons. 


 We ask that dentist, opticians and doctors appointments – unless they are an emergency  – are made at lunchtimes, at the end of the day or during the school holidays. We appreciate that occasionally children may have to attend hospitals or clinics during school hours. 
“Pupils are only in school for 190 days each year There are 175 other days for holidays and other activities 80% attendance means 1 day off a week or 2 years lost of a child’s time in school”.
 Parents are requested to notify the school in writing, before the day of the appointment, specifying the appointment time and naming the responsible adult who will be collecting the child from school. The responsible adult must report to the school office where they will need to sign your child out. 
Our Attendance Policy has been agreed by our Governing Body and the Local Authority and is in line with other schools that operate within our geographical learning cluster. 


Sickness Absence 

Our school policy states that if a child is well enough to be in school, he/she should be well enough to take part in all school activities including PE and playtimes. Occasionally there may be special circumstances that prevent a child from taking part in all of the normal school activities (eg. Temporary medical condition or a broken or badly sprained limb). In these circumstances the class teacher should be notified and special arrangements will be made for children to undertake another activity during these sessions. 
Where a child is unable to attend school due to sickness, the school should be notified on the day, by telephone before 9.00am, stating the reason for absence and the expected duration. An answer phone is available during out of office hours to enable messages to be left. 
If a child becomes unwell at school, he/she will be taken care of whilst the parents are contacted to come and collect him/her.