We will make provision for the differing needs of all children. Children require learning for a variety of reasons. Some children simply need much more help than others in understanding and remembering what is being taught, or may need extra help in adapting to the physical, social or behavioral demands of the school environment. 

 If your child needs extra help, support will be provided within the normal classroom organisation as well as in more specialised individual or small group help. 
Occasionally, it is necessary to refer a child with additional learning needs to specialist Advisory Teachers or to the Educational Psychologist. The school is well supported by these outside agencies. 
Parents are always involved in any decision making about their child’s education and are kept well informed of any action taken. They are encouraged to support and help their child in every way possible. Parents concerned about their child’s progress in any way are welcome to discuss their worries with the class teacher/SENCo. 
The school’s policy for Special Education Needs is available for parents on request. 
Able child – As a school we also cater for the more able child. Where we feel a child falls into this category we will work together with the parents to ensure that special abilities,  in whatever area, are catered for and the child/children take full advantage of the curriculum. 
Children who show exceptional intellectual ability or outstanding achievement in any area of the curriculum will always be encouraged and supported. If you think your child has a special talent then please talk to your child’s teacher.