Medical Issues


 The school staff are able to administer prescribed medicines only.  The medicine must be in its original packaging with a spoon and the label must clearly state the child's name and dosage instructions.  School staff are unable to administer ear or eye drops.
Where a child requires regular medication for a chronic condition (eg. Asthma or Diabetes), a member of staff will supervise children when taking their medication. In this instance, clear guidance must be given, by the parent, on a school medicine form. Any medicines to be administered during the school day must be given by the parent directly to the School Office where they will need to complete the appropriate paperwork and not to the child’s teacher. 


 During the Summer term sun cream should be applied before the start of the school day. 

First Aid

We have qualified First Aiders in school, who will attend to any child who requires First Aid during school time. 

All reported accidents are recorded together with the child’s explanation, and details of any First Aid given. A copy of this will be handed to the responsible adult collecting the child or sent home in the child’s book bag at the end of the day.

If an accident causes particular concern, the child will be observed carefully whilst parents are contacted without delay.

Each year parents are asked to sign a pupil contact form detailing any allergies or medical conditions the school needs to know about.


Parental Co-operation

The school should be notified if any child has an infectious condition, such as headlice, worms, etc. We can then ask all parents to be vigilant and hopefully reduce the risk of the problem spreading.

We encourage parents to check their child’s hair regularly for headlice, and use special treatments, if necessary.