School Development Plan

 School Development Plan

2015 -16 

Langstone Infant School




Target 1 – Increase the achievement so that attainment rises more rapidly from starting points and pupils deeper knowledge of age appropriate objectives in English and mathematics by the end of EYFS and  Key Stage1 by:

  • Improving the quality of teaching from good to outstanding.
  • Ensuring marking shows children precisely how to improve.
  • Making better use of assessment  information to ensure that pupils at all levels are challenged with special focus on narrowing the gap for disadvantaged pupils.
  • Increasing the percentage of children achieving at national expectation in reading, writing and maths combined. 
  • Improving attainment in phonics and spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Target 2 - Increase the effectiveness with which leaders and managers drive and embed improvements by further developing the cross curricular links enabling the 2014 curriculum to be developed in a stimulating and creative way through:

  • Ensuring all subject plans include interim milestones against which the progress made by pertinent groups of pupils can be measured.
  • Ensuring the approved baseline measure for pupils entering school in year R is implemented.
  • Reaffirming expectations and accountability of leaders at all levels of the school.
  • Ensuring staff understand and embed mastery and depth of knowledge in core skill in their Teaching & Learning.
  • Ensuring there are robust systems for recording and evidencing how leaders and managers at all levels evaluate the impact of school initiatives on different groups of learners.

Target 3- Increase progress and attainment for disadvantaged pupils closing identified gaps:

  • Ensuring monitoring and assessments focuses on specified groups of learners.
  • Ensure appropriate use of E6 and pupil premium grants.
  • Ensuring Governors are proactive in their support and challenge through scrutiny of performance information.