School Uniform

The school feels that the wearing of a uniform encourages pride in the school, and makes  pupil recognition easier when outside the school grounds. We ask parents to support us by ensuring that children come to school dressed appropriately and wearing sensible shoes. Our uniform comprises the following items: 

Boys white polo shirt, grey trousers (grey shorts in summer), bottle green jumper/sweatshirt 
Girls white polo shirt, grey skirt/pinafore/trousers, bottle green jumper/sweatshirt/cardigan 
Summer uniform includes green/white gingham checked dresses 
Footwear black shoes or sandals (in the interest of safety these must have closed toes and low heels). To encourage independence we ask that shoes do not have laces. Trainers are not allowed. 
PE Clothes
indoor: shorts/t-shirt/plimsoles (no trainers) 
outdoor: please provide a track suit or similar item in addition to the above items.