Christmas Nativity Play

Children performed a fantastic nativity play to the tunes of nursery rhymes for their Christmas production.


The play started with the Angel Gabriel appearing to Mary to tell her the special news that she was going to have a baby boy.


Mary and Joseph went on a donkey to Bethlehem travelling through villages looking for somewhere to stay but the only place they could find was a stable. 

            IMG_3231.jpg IMG_3230.jpg

There a baby boy was born and they named him Jesus. 


A host of angels sang and danced at the news of the birth. 

         IMG_3240.jpg IMG_3242.jpg

Shepherds were awakened by an angel telling them to go and visit the newborn baby. 



Three wise men also heard about the birth of Jesus and visited him in the stable. 

IMG_3245.jpg IMG_3246.jpg

Everyone sang and danced with happiness to celebrate the first Christmas.


Here are pictures of our fantastic cast for you to have a look at. 

        IMG_3211.jpg IMG_3206.jpg

       IMG_3227.jpg IMG_3207.jpg 

       IMG_3208.jpg IMG_3210.jpg