Gold Book Stars

Every week each Class Teacher chooses a child in their class who has followed the Golden Rules and puts their name in the Gold Book.

During whole school assembly the children are called to the front and the reason they have been selected to be in the Gold Book is read out to the whole school.

This is a wonderful achievement which is celebrated by the whole school. 

This week's Gold Book stars are:


  These children were in the Gold Book for the following reasons: 

  • For always being Excellent Everywhere! Never breaking a golden rule and being an excellent role model.
  • For super work when measuring the length of objects.
  • For really listening hard this week and trying hard with his learning.
  • For improved listening and concentration.
  • For always following the Golden Rules.
  • For coming in sensibly and being very independent.
  • For following the Golden Rules.
  • For being extremely kind and helpful to all children in her class.
  • For settling settling in well to a new school.