Gold Book Stars

Every week each Class Teacher chooses a child in their class who has followed the Golden Rules and puts their name in the Gold Book.

During whole school assembly the children are called to the front and the reason they have been selected to be in the Gold Book is read out to the whole school.

This is a wonderful achievement which is celebrated by the whole school. 

This week's Gold Book stars are:

These children were in the Gold Book for the following reasons: 

  • For showing himself and the class that he can do things quickly.
  • For working hard to edit her work and use phonics for spelling.
  • For an excellent start at Langstone Infant School.
  • For writing a lovely and interesting story about being stuck on a desert island.
  • For always being the perfect role model.
  • For coming into school happily and settling into school routines.
  • For coming into school with a lovely smile and always trying her best.
  • For making sensible choices and being a kind an gentle friend.
  • For always trying his best and working hard in all areas of the curriculum.