Beanstalk Home Learning

Children have been growing beans as part of their 'Traditional Tales' topic.

After learning about the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' every child planted a bean in class, which they took home and kept a diary for a Home Learning project.


When the children brought the plants back into school, the results were amazing!

           IMG_3397.jpg IMG_3398.jpg

Parents and carers also came into school for a special afternoon to mark the end of the topic and compare how their beans had grown.

Here are a few of the Home Learning 'Bean Diaries' for you to have a look at.


           IMG_3410.jpg IMG_3413.jpg


The children have now planted their beans at school in the outside learning area so they can continue to grow.  IMG_3399.jpg

IMG_3402.jpg IMG_3400.jpg IMG_3401.jpg

The children will carry on watering the beans and watching their progress to see if they can create a giant beanstalk at school.


Thank you to all the parents and carers who helped with the Home Learning and who came into the school to share their child's learning.