School Council Trip

Members of the School Council had a chance to pick up some tips on how to hold council after a special trip to meet Portsmouth's Lord Mayor last academic year. 


Last year's School Council travelled to Portsmouth Guildhall by bus to meet the Lord Mayor Cllr David Fuller and his sister, the Lady Mayoress, Mrs Leza Tremorin. 


The School Council were elected after each child voted for a boy and a girl from each class to represent them and put forward their views.

They meet regularly at school lunchtimes under the guidance of Mrs Bartlett. 

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Before seeing the Lord Mayor they had a quick visit to Victoria Park, next to Guildhall Square, to see the animals in the park.

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Then it was onto Portsmouth Guildhall, with a picture on the impressive steps to mark the special occasion. 


Inside, they were greeted by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress and sat in the council chamber asking him questions they had prepared before their visit. 


They asked questions including - Why did you want to be Lord Mayor and What have you done during your time as Lord Mayor? 

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The children were told that he had always dreamed of being Lord Mayor and enjoyed representing the people of Portsmouth.

The Lord Mayor has also raised thousands of pounds for charity during the last year. 

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