Ceilidh Dancing

Children from Year 1 danced the morning away at a Ceilidh with fellow pupils from across the city.


The children travelled to Milton Park Primary to join other schools to celebrate on National Ceilidh Day. 

IMG_2685.jpg IMG_2692.jpg IMG_2693.jpg 

The event was led by 'Folk Active' who had a live band including a cello, accordion and a violin for the children to dance along to. 


The children also learnt about the history of Ceilidh and about dance traditions. 

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The children had practised the dances during their PE lessons and enjoyed the chance to show off their new dancing skills. 

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Children from Langstone Infant School were the youngest at the event and were praised for their amazing dancing. 


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They all enjoyed the Ceilidh and had a great time at the fun event!