Church Visit

Children in Year R enjoyed a visit to St Cuthbert's Church as part of their current 'Celebrations' topic.


Classes 1,2 and 3 walked to the nearby church in Baffins and learnt about Christian beliefs and the features of a church. 

IMG_3044.jpg IMG_3061.jpg IMG_3054.jpg

Mrs Bartlett pointed out the altar, font and organ before the children divided into groups with an adult to have a tour round themselves.  


The children had a close look at the church font and were taught what happens at a Baptism celebration. 


         IMG_3056.jpg IMG_3057.jpg

They also spotted the stained glass windows and learnt about why Christians go to church as part of their trip.


          IMG_3065.jpg IMG_3067.jpg

The visit to the church really brought the topic of 'Celebrations' alive for the children.Thank you to all our parent helpers for coming with us.