RNLI Visit

Children from Year R had a visit from the RNLI and learnt all about their life saving work at sea as part of their current 'Superheroes' topic.


During the talk, the children found out how the charity goes out in all weathers, in a variety of boats, to tackle danger in the water. 

Pupils were told that all lifeboat men and women are volunteers and always have to be ready in case they are needed to rush out to sea to save lives.


They were told to remember the word SAFE which stands for:

Spot the dangers
Always go with a friend.
Find and read the safety signs
Emergency? Stick up your hand and shout. 
The children were set the task of spotting the dangers on a picture of a beach where lots of unsafe activities were taking place.

Crew have to live and work 10 minutes away from the lifeboat station so they can get to an emergency quickly and have just 90 seconds to put their kit on. 

Then some children were set the challenge of getting dressed in the lifeboat gear whilst their classmates counted to 90. Here are the pictures of how they got on.    

       IMG_3677.jpg IMG_3679.jpg   

       IMG_3680.jpg IMG_3681.jpg



           IMG_3676.jpg IMG_3675.jpg

The children had a fantastic time learning about the RNLI and learnt some valuable lessons about how to be safe on the beach and in the sea.