Fire Visit

When a fire engine turned up at Langstone Infant School it wasn't for an emergency but for a lesson on Fire Safety for children in Year 1.


The Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service came to give a talk to pupils about the life saving work they carry out and taught children what to do in an emergency.

Children were able to climb aboard the fire engine and dress up in the protective clothing worn by firefighters during an incident.




Some children even had the chance to sit in the drivers seat of the fire engine and pretend they were driving to an emergency call out.




The children were then shown the fire hose in action on the school field.


After showing the children how the hose worked, the firefighter turned the water on them and they all got soaked - luckily they were wearing protective clothing!   

             IMG_3470.jpg IMG_3471.jpg

Then they had a chance to have a go themselves using the hose. 


   IMG_3474.jpg IMG_3475.jpg IMG_3464.jpg

       IMG_3459.jpg IMG_3476.jpg

Thank you to the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service for visiting the school.

We learnt a lot and had a great time.