Stacey Centre Trip

Children took a step closer to nature in Year 1 with a trip to the Stacey Centre. 

They visited the Community Garden in Baffins to learn about how plants grow and discover the different types of wildlife living in a garden. 


Children were set the challenge of going on a minibeast hunt to see how many different types they could find.

                 IMG_3849.jpg IMG_3853.jpg

They found snails, spiders, butterflies, woodlice and other bugs in the garden. 

                IMG_3851.jpg IMG_3852.jpg

Then they were sent off round the garden to find lots of different varieties of plants.  


                  IMG_3844.jpg IMG_3854.jpg

Every pupil also planted a seed at the Stacey Centre so they can see how it grows from a seed into a plant. 


Everyone had a fun time learning about nature on their trip.