Air Ambulance Visit

Children found out all about Hampshire's Air Ambulance emergency service when they came to visit Langstone Infant Academy. 


Pupils learnt how in an emergency, the Air Ambulance is despatched after a 999 call, to help save lives.

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Pupils found out a doctor is always on board to start treating patients as quickly as possible as well as a navigator and a pilot. 


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Then volunteers were called up to take on the roles of the Air Ambulance crew and act out an emergency situtation. Here are our Langstone emergency crew.

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A pretend emergency was acted out with a teenager falling unconscious in a park and another child calling 999 to report what had happened. 


Langstone's emergency crew rushed to the scene in their pretend helicopter and dealt with the situation. 


There was a surprise visit from Air Ambulance's mascot 'Pilot Paws' to round off the educational visit. 


The children all gave Pilot Paws a high five as they left the school hall. 

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The visit was part of Year R's current 'Superheroes' visit and all the children really enjoyed it. 


A big thank you to the Hampshire and Isle of Wight's Air Ambulance Service for coming to visit us.