Leavers Show 2017

It was a trip down memory lane for Year 2 pupils as they reminisced about their time at Langstone Infant School in their Leavers Show. 


After weeks of rehearsals all three classes performed the show called “Do you remember when…?” to parents and carers in the school hall.  

        IMG_3955.jpg IMG_3953.jpg

The story centred around four ex-pupils going for a job interview talking about their old school days together.  


They started by recalling their first day at school with a mix of nerves and excitement. 

       IMG_3942.jpg IMG_3946.jpg

The story continued with what they learnt in lessons including how to tell the time in Maths classes. 


The children sang and spoke their lines beautifully on the stage causing many in the audience to reach for their tissues. 


Here are some pictures of our Year 2 pupils performing. 

       IMG_3958.jpg IMG_3962.jpg

       IMG_3960.jpg IMG_3961.jpg

       IMG_3963.jpg IMG_3964.jpg

The story even recalled when children were sent to the headteacher in her office for many reasons - good and bad. 

       IMG_3966.jpg IMG_3968.jpg


The children remembered their school annual sports days with a re-run of the egg and spoon race.  

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