Railway Safety Day

Children learnt how to spot potential dangers during Railway Safety Day at Langstone Infant School.


The team from Network Rail, South West Trains and the British Transport Police visited the school to show the children how to stay safe on the railways. 


They set up a fake railway station with a track and platform in the Room of Requirement at the school and each class had a talk about safety.

        IMG_3996.jpg IMG_3995.jpg 

Pupils had to identify all the potential dangers at a station from people standing too close to the track, climbing on station equipment to leaving luggage unattended.

        IMG_4001.jpg IMG_3998.jpg

The children found out about the importance of level crossings and how you should never cross one when the barriers are down.

        IMG_4004.jpg IMG_4007.jpg

The children also got dressed up in the uniform of railway safety workers. 


The children learnt some important safety lessons which we hope will keep them out of danger whilst travelling on the railways.