Reading Challenge

Children at Langstone have proved you can read anywhere - on a scooter, in the bath or even in a washing machine.

Pupils were set the challenge of reading in unusual places during the summer holidays and to take a photo to show the rest of the school.

These are the pictures the children returned with for you to have a look at.


Children hopped in the washing machine to read and took their books to the funfair.


 IMG_4337.jpg IMG_4328.jpg IMG_4338.jpg

Some of the children chose to read their books to animals at the zoo and farm.

         IMG_4332.jpg IMG_4333.jpg

Others read in the park and on the Eurotunnel whilst another child sat and read sitting amongst the cereal packets on a supermarket shelf.


IMG_4334.jpg IMG_4335.jpg

Some multi-tasked and read in the park and on the beach and others read in the bath and in a football goal.  

           IMG_4339.jpg IMG_4344.jpg

 The photographs are now all on display in the school library for everyone to enjoy.


Thank you to everyone who took part in the challenge - and remember you can read anywhere.