Skip Day

Children skipped their hearts out at Langstone Infant School to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.


Pupils took to the school field to do as many skips as they could as part of the national charity 'Jump Rope For Heart' day.  

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Parents and carers joined their children on the school field for half an hour per class to complete the challenge. 

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Every child had a go at skipping for a minute whilst classmates counted their jumps. 

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Parents and staff also had a turn to skip for a minute. 

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The challenge for the school was to complete 10,000 - a target which was smashed by our pupils and parents with a total of 32,940 skips. 

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The most skips were done by Class 9 with 4,662. Class 5 were the highest in Year 1 with 4060 and Class 2 were the highest in Year R with 2700. 

The highest skipper in the school was Rosie in Class 5 with 320 skips.