Keeping our children safe is our main priority at Langstone Infant School and in today’s world that means online as well as at school. 

The internet offers a wealth of information and opportunities but we need to teach children to use this resource carefully and not put themselves at risk.

Children can access the internet through laptops, computers, tablets, phones and game consoles – here is some help and advice on how you can keep your child safe and what to do if an online situation makes your child feel uncomfortable.


  • Make sure privacy settings are turned on for social networking sites such as Facebook
  • Don’t send pictures to people you don’t know or send pictures of other people which might upset them
  • Don’t give your mobile number, full name, address, school name to people you don’t know
  • Don’t arrange to meet people you have met online
  • If you get texts, pictures or calls which upset  you – don’t reply and tell an adult

If you are worried by something that has happened online then...

  • Talk to an adult you trust - your parents, another relative, teacher, police officer, social worker, youth worker
  • Call Childline on 0800 1111 or go online at www.childline.org.uk


  • Set up parental controls on all online devices to keep your child safe and keep up to date with these as your child grows and develops
  • Talk to your child regularly about what they are doing online and know what sites they go on
  • Set time limits on how long they can be online
  • Talk to your child about the dangers online and give them advice on what to do if they feel uncomfortable online
  • Keep all online devices in a family space so you know what they are doing

'Beware of Lurking Trolls!' is an E-Safety campaign set up by Portsmouth City Council, Portsmouth Safeguarding Children Board and the University of Portsmouth to raise awareness of the dangers of being online.

Please click here to see the campaign, book and online safety tips (in document section) on Lurking Trolls.

For more information please visit: 




https://www.internetmatters. org/issues/cyberbullying/?utm_ source=facebook&utm_campaign= alwayson_jan&utm_medium= linkad&utm_content= cyberbullying 

https://www.nspcc.org.uk/ preventing-abuse/child-abuse- and-neglect/grooming/?utm_ source=facebook_mainnspcc&utm_ medium=nspccsocialmedia&utm_ campaign=ownfacebook_post

https://www.nspcc.org.uk/ preventing-abuse/keeping- children-safe/self-harm/?utm_ source=facebook_mainnspcc&utm_ medium=nspccsocialmedia&utm_ campaign=ownfacebook_post

Our school internet safety rules are avalilable for you to view here