Gold Book Stars

Each week Class Teachers choose a child in their class to be in the Gold Book, giving a reason for their choice. During a whole school assembly the children are called to the front and the reason they have been selected to be in the Gold Book is read out and celebrated by the whole school.

This week’s Gold Book stars are:

These children were in the Gold Book for the following reasons:

  • For having developed super resilience in Year 2 and tackling everything she is given with a smile and a positive attitude.
  • For always working hard and trying her best.
  • For writing an interesting and exciting dragon adventure story, making a super effort to include Year 2 grammar features.
  • For working hard to improve his sentence writing.
  • For trying really hard during nativity rehearsals.
  • For always trying hard to do her best at school, especially with independent writing.
  • For showing real improvement in her reading to Miss Poppleton and her friends.
  • For always working hard and having a smile as he does so.
  • For always working hard and trying her best.