Year Two in Groundbreaking Staycation!

Last week, Year Two planned to join the rest of the UK in holidaying at home this week. We were all filled with trepidation, waiting to find out if the school field would be added to the UK amber list. Luckily, the field remained on the green list and on Tuesday each class took turns to set off on the long trip. We all brought three items from school, that we played with or used during our time outside. We were all a little nervous as we passed through passport control and security, but luckily we all made it to the staycation area.

As you can see from the photos, we had a lovely time, taking part in events such as football, cricket, swingball, tin can alley, hook a duck, colouring, board games, snakes and ladders and many more. At other times during the day we enjoyed snacks of biscuits and ice pops. Some of us also dusted off our dancing skills with some holiday classics such as The Macarena, Agadoo and Superman.

The children (and adults) all had a lovely day. Thank you grown ups at home for helping with holiday clothes and organizing the bags that were brought in.