Year 1


During Year One, the children will build on work from the Early Years Foundation Stage, making sure that they can sound and blend unfamiliar words quickly and accurately using phonic knowledge and skills that they have already learned. They will continue to develop their reading skills by hearing, sharing and discussing a wide range of high-quality books that will inspire a love of reading and broaden their vocabulary. Pupils writing  will continue to develop. They will continue to encode the sounds they hear in words, develop the physical skills needed for handwriting, and learn how to organise their ideas in writing.


Like Literacy, Phonics is organised into targeted groups that strive to ensure the children meet their full potential. Each group focuses on a different phase of learning which is informed by the ‘Letters and Sounds’ scheme. This enables the children to apply their phonic knowledge in their Literacy lessons.


The main focus in Year one for maths is to develop confidence and mental fluency with whole numbers, counting and place value. The children will work with numerals, words and the four operations. They will also recognise, describe, draw, compare and sort different shapes. Measures will be taught ensuring that children can describe and compare different quantities such as length, mass, capacity/volume, time and money.