Golden Time

Every Friday afternoon at Langstone Infant Academy all the children and staff have a special treat - Golden Time. 

Activities include cooking, dressing up, playdough, colouring and drawing, playing outside on the go carts, gardening, watching a movie, playing on the climbing frame, show and tell, arts and crafts and textiles. 


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Each child is allowed to pick from a list of fun activities and if they follow the Golden Rules they join with children from other classes to enjoy the activity. 

A colour chart operates in each class during the week and children who are on 'Gold' get to choose an activity first, followed by those on 'Silver' and then those on 'Green'.

Places are limited on each activity and go on a first come, first served basis.


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However, if a child breaks the Golden Rules and has their name moved down to 'Red' they have to miss five minutes of their Golden Time for every time their name goes on red.


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Golden Time is a way of celebrating good behaviour and a chance to spend time doing something fun with other children across the school.   


Every classroom has a different activity going on in it with staff taking responibility for each activity.  

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