Portsmouth Music Hub Visit

The sound of folk music rang through Langstone Infant Academy when musicians from Portsmouth Music Hub visited the school.


A special assemly was held by Rosanna, Mark and Nicola, from the Music Hub to teach the children all about folk music. 

IMG_4513.jpg IMG_4528.jpg IMG_4518.jpg

They introduced children to a selection of instruments including the guitar, violin, mandolin, flute, wooden flute and penny whistle.

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The musical trio took pupils and staff on a tour of the world playing folk music from Ireland, Brazil, America, Eastern Europe before heading back to Ireland. 

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The children really enjoyed finding out about the instruments, loved listening to the music and joined in by clapping and singing a song. 


Pupils were told folk music brings people together and encouraged the children to think about learning to play an instrument themselves.

The Portsmouth Music Hub are currently touring schools to teach them about folk music and get children enthused about music.  


The assembly finished with Nicola doing a clog dance for the children whilst the other musicians played folk music from England.  

A huge thank you to the Portsmouth Music Hub for coming to visit us at Langstone. 

If you would like to find out more about the work of Portsmouuth Music Hub please log onto https://www.portsmouthmusichub.org/ or click here.