Reading Recovery

ECaR (Every Child a Reader)

ECaR, also known as Reading Recovery, is a 12 to 20 week programme which helps children aged about 6 who are not finding it easy to read and write. Mrs Hudson, the school’s ECaR teacher, has had special training to work with children who need this extra help.

The programme is personalised for each child, to build upon what they already know and understand. The lessons are on a one-to-one basis and take place every day to bring each child’s reading and writing up to the average level for their age.  

The lessons include re-reading familiar books, working with letters and words, writing a short sentence or story and reading a new book every day. It boosts both the children’s confidence and enjoyment of learning. Parents are asked to support their child by hearing them read every day at home and recapping the writing completed in the lesson.

At the end of the series of lessons, most children are able to continue to learn at a normal rate of progress from classroom teaching, without the need of extra support. Once the lesson series is completed, the ECaR teacher keeps in contact with the children to make sure they are still making progress and keeping up with their classmates.