Reading: a checklist

A Reading Checklist

Good reading behaviours: ways to encourage your child.

  • Finger first!                                                  pic 1.png                            

Use your finger to point to each word as you read. This is called one to one matching.

  • Cross-check                                            pic 2.png                                         

Look at the pictures AND the first letter/sound of the word you are trying to read. Check them both.

  • Listen to yourself                                     pic 3.png                          

Listen to yourself as you read. Does it make sense? If it doesn’t sound right, go back and try again.

  • Eyes and ears                                          pic 4.png                         

Make sure what you say matches what your eyes can see. If it doesn’t look AND sound right, go back and try again.

  • Make it sound good                               pic 9.png                      

Reading is like talking. Use your voice to make your reading sound interesting. The punctuation, the size of the words and the font will help too!

  • Read with your eyes                         pic 6.png                  

Now that you know how to look quickly but carefully at every word, take your finger away and read with your eyes. Your reading will sound even better!

  • You do it!                                                 pic 10.png                              

Try it yourself first. Don’t wait for an adult to tell you the words. Be a problem-solver and work it out yourself. What makes sense and looks and sounds right? Go back to check and then change if you need to.

  • Getting the message                           pic 8.png                                

Talk about your reading afterwards. Did you enjoy the book? Explain why. Answer questions about what you have read.