Kindness Week

16th – 20th November

We had lots of fun during Kindness Week!

As a school we believe kindness to be a very important value and even more important in these current, unusual times.

Throughout the week we have been looking at the following three stories: “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” by Carol McCloud, “The Many Colours of Harpreet Singh” by Supriya Kelkar and “My Monster and Me” by Nadiya Hussain.

Each class had a ‘Bucket of Kindness’ which they filled throughout the week with any acts of kindness they did.

We have also been exploring our feelings and emotions and how different colours can be associated with these. We learnt that people think of different colours, they can feel different emotions and that we don’t all feel the same way and THAT IS OK!

The video below is a celebration of all our work.