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Book Fair

Book Fair

Our school Book Fair will run from Wednesday 31st October to Tuesday 6th November. The books will be available to look at every day from 3pm on the  playground. This year Travelling Books have made it much easier to make a purchase. They include good old fashioned cash, Phone payments and Book Fair gift vouchers.

To pay for your books by phone – it’s safe, simple and quick. Simply ask your Book Fair Organiser for a phone payment slip. Call the number and follow the instructions. Write down your transaction code and paid amount. Return the completed slip to your book fair organiser and take your purchase.

Book Fair Gift Vouchers

They’re the simple, secure way to ensure children get the books they want when the Book Fair arrives and are perfect if parents can’t make it to the Book Fair or you have a cashless school. Even better, you’ll save 20% when you buy online meaning a £12 voucher costs only £10, a £6 voucher costs only £5 and so on. Your school will earn Rewards for free books on the full value of the voucher, rather than the discount price. Once a purchase has been made, customers will receive the voucher in an email which can be printed and given to the child – much safer to carry than cash! Vouchers can be purchased up until midnight on the day of collection of the Book Fair.

Competition time

We will be running a competition in each year group with a prize of £10 book vouchers. Please keep your eyes peeled for more information on this.

Watch this video to see how it works.

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