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Returning to School

Returning to School

Dear Parents and Carers,

We look forward to welcoming back your child to Langstone Infant School on Monday 6th  September.

You will be aware that there remain a large number of COVID cases both locally and nationally and we will be continuing to follow the guidance that is issued to us.

Please read carefully the information below for the return to school.


Year 1 and 2 will start at 8:45am

The gate to the main playground will open at 8:40am, at the same time the classroom door will open and children can walk straight into their classrooms. There will be no need to queue and wait on the playground. You can drop off your child and go.

Please may I take this opportunity to remind you that your child remains your responsibility until they are in the classroom door. Please ensure that you have walked them to the door or watched them from the playground go into the school building and not just watch them from Stride Ave.

There will not be an opportunity for you to talk to your child’s teacher but if you have an urgent message please email using the class email or call the school office.

The gate to the playground will close at 8:45 at which time learning starts. If your child arrives after this time, you will need to sign them in at the office. Please do not put staff in a difficult situation by pleading with them to let you into the playground after this time.


 Year 1 and 2 children will finish school at 3:00pm

The gate to the main playground will be opened at 2:55pm. We ask you to queue in an orderly line from the numbered sign post that will be placed in the playground near the appropriate classroom. This will help the class teachers to be able to find you quickly, particularly as the new class teachers get to know you and the children. The class teachers will open the classroom doors at 3pm and send your child to you when they see you at the front of the line. Please exit the playground swiftly – there is space along Stride Ave for you to meet with other parents to catch up and arrange play dates etc.

The gate will close at 3:05pm

We ask you to be on time as after school meetings involving school staff will begin at 3.15pm.


Please help us to keep our school community safe .  We respectfully remind you that only one parent/carer will be permitted for the drop off and collection of pupils and please maintain safe spacing.


We know that many of our children have siblings who are not yet school age. We appreciate that you may have to bring siblings to drop off and collect your child, but ask you to keep this to the minimum where possible, and remind you that you remain responsible for your children and safe spacing when dropping off and collecting your child. We respectfully request that you keep any children next to you in the queue and not allow them to run around the playground.


As stated previously, at this time teachers will not be available to speak to parents/carers unless teachers initiate the contact. Teachers must commit their time to ensuring that all children safely enter and leave their care. Parents can contact teachers through the school office by email and phone calls as usual. Any messages or queries for the office should be emailed or phoned in before 8:45am or after 9:30am.


Children will be expected to return to school in full uniform. They must wear clean clothes every day.

  • White polo shirt, grey skirt/pinafore or grey trousers/shorts, bottle green jumper/sweatshirt/cardigan (summer green/white gingham checked dresses)
  • Footwear – Black shoes (in the interest of safety these must have closed toes and low heels)

Children will not be required to bring a PE kit to school, they will wear their PE kits on their PE day. This will commence the week beginning 13th September.


Monday Tuesday Thursday
Class 5 Class 6 Class 4
Class 8 Class 9 Class 7


PE Kit

Black shorts, tracksuit bottoms or leggings. White t-shirt, black plimsolls or trainers (velcro), black hoodie or sweatshirt.  Children should not be wearing football kits or other coloured sports kit on PE days.

No earrings on PE days. Small stud earrings the rest of the time. No other jewellery should be worn.

Your child should not bring extra items into school, they will only need:

  • A bottle containing water – we will provide your child with a new bottle on the first day
  • Their lunch (if you are providing it)
  • A waterproof coat incase of rain
  • Their book bag


All children will have access to a piece of fruit or vegetable during the morning break. We will encourage children to try the different fruit and vegetables. Please make sure you let us know of any allergies.


Children will be entitled to their free school meal, from Monday 6th September this will be a  hot meal, although you are welcome to provide a packed lunch from home. They will order this each day as they did previously in their classroom at the registration time. As before, it is a three week rolling menu (copy attached). The children will not have access to their school water bottles at lunchtime and should bring a separate drink with their packed lunch.  Children having a school lunch will be provided with a cup of water.


If your child becomes unwell with COVID symptoms, they must not come to school and you should inform the school as soon as possible. If your child displays these symptoms when they are at school they will be sent home and advised to follow the COVID-19: guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection. Your child should be taken for a PCR test and you should inform the school of the result as soon as you have it.

We hope you find the information in this letter helpful and we look forward to welcoming you on Monday 6th September.

Yours sincerely,

Miss V Page



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