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Year 1 – Tuesday’s Home Learning

Year 1 – Tuesday’s Home Learning

Year 1 Home learning for Tuesday 30th June – Sport Theme

Subject focus What we need to learn: How we might learn it:
English  Reading Respond speedily with the correct sound to graphemes for all 40+ phonemes, including, where applicable, alternative sounds for graphemes.

Using containers, plastic bottles, or cardboard tubes and make a set of skittles/bowling pins. 

On each pin, have a different phase 5 phoneme – see the phoneme mat at the end of this document. You could write it directly on or attach a post-it note. 

Roll/Throw a ball at the pins and then see which phonemes you knocked down.   

Say the phoneme, say a word containing that phoneme. E.g. Knock down ‘ay’ – say ‘play’.

Keep playing until you have said all the phonemes on the skittles.

Writing Discuss what they have written to check that it makes sense

Now that the football kit is sorted the school has decided that they need a team mascot.  Look at the different images attached to learn about different mascots.

What will your mascot look like? Draw a picture and write some sentences to describe it.  Remember to read your work to check it makes sense.

Maths Given a number, identify one more and one less 

Choose, at random, one of your number cards that you made yesterday.

What number have you picked? What would be one more than this number? Find it. 

What would be one less than this number? Find it. 


To make it more competitive, you could turn it into a race. The first person to find the number gets a point. The first person to 10 points wins. 

Other:  Participate in team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending

With people in your house, create some sort of game involving a ball (it can be any size ball, even a marble) and the need to score points. The winner/winning team is the person who gets the most points. It is up to you how you score, how many points you get for scoring, and what the rules are for defending. 

Be creative and have fun with it! 

It would be great if you could even put together an explanation (this could be verbal and filmed) of how your game works so that we can see!

Remember to email your child’s class teacher to let them know how you’ve got on. We’d love to see examples of what you’ve been up to. 

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