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Year 2- Tuesday’s Home Learning

Year 2- Tuesday’s Home Learning

Year 2 Home learning for Tuesday 2nd June 

Subject focus What we need to learn: How we might learn it:
English  Reading To continue to practice common exception words.

Recap the list of common exception words from yesterday

Today you are going to be common exception word detectives! Your challenge is to hunt through any books you have at home and find any of the Year 2 common exception words. Make a list of all the ones that you find. Which one appears the most? How many can you find?


To discuss what has been read.

To give opinions on a story. 

Watch the snail and the whale on BBC IPLAYER or read the book if you have it again.

Today you need to think about parts of the story that you like and any parts of the story that you don’t like. 

Write a few sentences explaining your favourite part of the story. Remember to use because to give your reasons. 

If there were any parts of the story that you didn’t like then explain that as well. Remember to justify your opinions.  

Maths To use knowledge of mental maths in real life situations.

This week you are going to use your knowledge of Maths to play games and complete tasks. Here are today’s activities;

1) Take one dice (if you don’t have a dice, use this online version – ). Roll the dice, write down the number. Repeat this two more times, then add the three numbers together. If you are using the online dice, you can select the page to roll three dice at the same time. Repeat this four more times, until you have five calculations. Here is an example of one calculations;

6 + 2 + 4 = 12

2) Number triangles. Your task is to make each side of the triangle add up to the number in the middle. Your challenge is to not use zero, and to use the same number up to twice only. Here are two examples. One is correctly completed, the other is not;

There are some printable triangles below. Some have no target number in the middle – can you challenge yourself and set your own targets?

Your target is to complete three triangles.

3) If you have time, play these Maths games;

Please remember – always have a grown up with you when you use Internet resources – keep safe online.

Other:  To write include full stops and question marks in my writing.

Revisit the Chester zoo page and explore more of the zoo. 

Using either the animal you wrote a cage label for yesterday, or a new zoo animal, today we will be writing a riddle about that animal.

A riddle needs around 5 clues about your animal. The first clues should be vague, don’t give the game away too soon! (Think back to the riddles about shapes that we wrote at school.)

For example:

What am I?

I walk on four legs.

I am a mammal that lives in wide open spaces.

I eat leaves from tall trees.

I have a very long tongue and a very long neck.

I am around 20 meters tall which makes me the tallest animal in the world.

What am I?

Remember to finish each clue with a full stop and then your question sentence with a question mark. 

Remember to email your child’s class teacher to let them know how you’ve got on. We’d love to see examples of what you’ve been up to. 

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