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Year 2 – Wednesday’s Home Learning

Year 2 – Wednesday’s Home Learning

Year 2 Home learning for Wednesday 1st July – Sport Theme

Subject focus What we need to learn: How we might learn it:
English  Reading To use my reading skills to solve problems and answer questions. Today we are carrying our reading mystery. We will be solving clue 4 to find out some more information about the person who took the missing medal! Look at the clues below to find the next clues. 
Writing To write for a different purpose. 

Today we are going to think about our favourite sport. We are going to write a step by step guide / instructions of how to perform a skill or play the game. 

For example, 

How to do a handstand

  1. Step forward onto your ‘best’ leg.
  2. Place your hands onto the floor.
  3. Kick both legs up.
  4. Squeeze your legs together and keep your arms straight.
  5. Step down back onto your feet. 
Maths To use and apply knowledge of number and logic. Below you will find some Maths practice questions. Some are calculations (sums), others are problems to solve. Do the ones you are confident with first, leave the harder ones until last. Don’t forget to use strategies like column method, blank number line, jottings, arrays, drawing Dienes or mental knowledge. Check your work. Always ask yourself – Does my answer make sense?
Other:  To compare events in history to events today.

As we know, this year should be an olympic year but it has been postponed. In preparation for this we will build up our knowledge of the olympics past and present. Watch this video.

Now we will compare the ancient olympics and the modern olympics similarities and differences. 

Split your page in half and write ‘Ancient olympics’ at the top of one column and ‘Modern Olympics’ at the top of the other page. 

Now record in bullet points the things that were similarities and differences between the two events. Think back to the video to help you – what rewards did the athletes win? How many times do the olympics take place? 

Remember to email your child’s class teacher to let them know how you’ve got on. We’d love to see examples of what you’ve been up to. 

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