Children In Need

Children celebrated 'Children in Need' by coming to school in non uniform with lots of pupils wearing spotty accessories - and raised a massive £280.32 for the charity.


Pupils and staff wore Pudsey ears and outfits decorated in spots 

IMG_3077.jpg IMG_3078.jpg IMG_3088.jpg

Some children had done a fantastic job decorating their own clothes as part of the fundraising day.


         IMG_3096.jpg IMG_3091.jpg

In Class 5, the children helped Mr Wells decorate his T-shirt with spots before lessons started for the day. 

          IMG_3069.jpg IMG_3070.jpg 

They enjoyed colouring spots of all differerent sizes on the T-shirt and then handed it over to Mr Wells to wear for the day.



It was a fun day throughout the school and the children really enjoyed themselves.

  IMG_3093.jpg IMG_3095.jpg

Thank you for all your donations to Children In Need which have now been passed onto this fantastic charity.