Internet Safety

At Langstone Infant Academy we take E-Safety very seriously. E-Safety is a crucial part of the National Curriculum for Computing and the use of the Internet has become part of our eveyday lives.

E-Safety isn’t just about keeping safe on the Internet when using a computer or laptop, but also when using any electronic device. This could be a tablet, game console or even a mobile phone.

The internet is such an integral part of children’s lives these days. It opens up so many educational and social opportunities, giving them access to, quite literally, a world of information and experiences. Children and young people are increasingly accessing the internet whenever they can and wherever they are.

Whilst at school the children learn some key skills to keep them safe on the Internet. There are also a number of precautions taken by the school to ensure the children are safe when using the Internet during lessons. Our Internet is filtered to the Government standard meaning that websites are blocked based on key words. At school the children use a child friendly search engine that has additional layers of filtering.

During Computing lessons the children are taught and reminded regularly about our Internet Safety Rules, and what to do if they see something they are unsure of. We believe that online safety skills are important skills for modern life. If your child understands the risks and can make sensible and informed choices online, they can get the most from the internet and stay safe whilst doing so – particularly from those people who might seek them out to harm them.

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