School Car park

The school car park is for staff and visitors only. We ask that parents park considerately in the area around the school  and not in the carpark. Please see further advice and guidance from Portsmouth City council below.

Keep zigzag markings clear

If you do use a car for the school run, please park considerately and safely outside schools, avoiding areas with zigzag markings (see below). Drop off zones are for just that: picking up or dropping off pupils, not for parking. Measures like these all help to make roads around schools safer for everyone, particularly children whose awareness and level of road sense is still developing.

The council paints zigzag ‘no stopping’ lines outside school entrances to provide a clear space for children to cross where they can see traffic and traffic can see them, without parked vehicles blocking their view. Parking on zigzag lines forces children to cross between parked cars. Crossing from behind parked cars is the most common contributory factor in child pedestrian casualties.

For this reason, community wardens, police community support officers, traffic wardens and the police themselves are all involved in a city-wide initiative to tackle the dangerous practice of parking over zigzag lines. Civil enforcement officers, or traffic wardens, can issue on the spot fines if they find anyone waiting or parking on school zigzag markings, as this is forbidden by law.

Park considerately near schools

Parking or waiting near schools in front of dropped kerbs and driveways, or parking on the pavement all cause problems for local residents, pedestrians and cyclists:

  • Parking in front of dropped kerbs blocks cycle paths and the crossing points for people with pushchairs and mobility issues
  • Stopping in front of someone’s driveway encourages others to do the same. Residents need to leave their driveways to get to and from work
  • Parking on the pavement reduces space for pedestrians, especially those with pushchairs or mobility issues, and can force them into the road
  • Parking on corners on double yellow lines can block access for emergency vehicles, such as fire engines.

Blue Badge Holders

Please see the Government’s advice and guidance here:

Blue badge holders rights and responsibilities