Welcome to Year 1

Class 4 Class 5 Class 6
Mrs Watson Miss Payne Mr Wells
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In Year One we are learning…

English Simple sentences & poetry
Maths Number & Place Value
Science Animals including humans
Geography Exploring the local area
Art Portraits and Pablo Picasso
Music American Marching Bands
Computing Technology Around Us & E-Safety
RE Harvest & Sukkot
PE Real PE: Footwork & Balance
PSHE The Golden Rules


We will be introducing the children to our writing toolkits and practicing applying key skills and techniques when writing.  We will share a number of quality texts such as You Choose and the Elmer story as a stimulus for our writing. As part of our learning, we will be supporting the children to spell common exception words correctly, use their phonic knowledge to write simple words and phrases with increasing accuracy and help them to understand where a sentence starts and ends.  In year one, the children will also begin to focus more on letter formation and handwriting, including the use of cursive script, which is practiced throughout the year, so that the children are able to develop a neat, joined up handwriting style when appropriate.


We will be developing the children’s understanding of number and place value, building on from their previous learning in Year R.  We will be exploring numbers to 10 and the different ways that these numbers can be represented, both pictorially and in written form, in order to develop a deeper understanding of ‘parts’ and ‘whole.’

In year one, our sessions will consist of practical elements involving concrete apparatus, pictorial representations and jottings, as well as introducing more traditional written methods.  The children will practice their number formation and learn how to write number names.  In addition to our regular maths lessons, we will also have a shorter session that focuses on number fluency and mastery.


The children will begin by exploring the concept of humans and thinking about the ways in which we grow and change.  They will name and locate different body parts and explore each of the five senses. We will make simple comparisons between humans and animals, introducing terms such as mammals to begin to sort and classify.


In this unit of work, the children will be learning about their local area, focusing on the classroom, the school and Baffins.  We will explore maps, plans and keys, as well as developing an understanding of what an aerial view is and creating our own aerial map of the classroom.


In this unit of work, the children will explore the concept of portraits.  They will begin by comparing the work of famous artists before producing a self-portrait of their own using pencil and shading.  The children will then go on to look at the work of Pablo Picasso, which will enable them to explore line, shape and position in order to produce an abstract portrait in the style of Picasso.


The children will develop their listening skills by copying and performing simple rhythmical patterns and learning to identify the pulse and to keep a steady beat.  They will explore the drums and other un-tuned percussion, perform simple copycat rhythms and learn how to listen and move to marching band music whilst playing along to the beat.


In this unit, we will be learning all about technology around us, including how to keep safe online. As part of this unit, we will begin by exploring the different parts of a computer, learning how to log on and off the computers and how to use a track pad with control.  As the term progresses, we will then move onto focusing on the layout and purpose of the keyboard with simple touch typing lessons and games.

E-safety is of course paramount and we will spend time each session discussing its importance and making links to our SAFE poster.  We will use simple scenarios to prompt class discussions and help the children to develop a better understanding of what to do/what not to do in different situations.


Our special RE day will be looking at the Jewish celebration of Sukkot. We will be learning how Jewish people celebrate this festival and making comparisons to the Christian celebration of Harvest. We will be celebrating Harvest with our own assembly and will be making Harvest loaves during our special RE Day.


All children will be taking part in REAL PE and we will be focusing on our personal cog where we will look to develop our ability to identify our own strengths and weaknesses.

PE is on Monday for class 5, Tuesday for all classes and Friday for class 4 and class 6.  Children should arrive at school in their PE kit and remain in this for the day.


The children will revisit the Golden Rules and the importance of ‘being excellent everywhere’ in order to develop them as polite and respectful individuals.  They will focus on one rule each week and consider what this means in terms of school but also how these rules apply to the wider world.