Welcome to Year R


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Miss M Beckwith Mrs L Mitchell Mrs M Bartlett
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In Year R we are learning…

Communication and Language Communicating ideas, interests and opinions about topics that interest us
Personal, Social and Emotional Development Learning the Golden Rules. Building new relationships with new friends and adults. Understanding the characteristics of learning
Physical Development Footwork/balance and developing motor skills
Literacy Introduction to Phonics
Mathematics Number and Place Value 1-5
Understanding the World Finding out about our families
Expressive Art and Design Finding out about the resources available


Alongside adult-led teaching in small groups, the children access learning opportunities in all areas of learning throughout their child-led Continuous Provision.

Communication and Language

We will be supporting the children to follow instructions as part of the school routine and to develop their listening skills in small groups and larger class sessions. We will model speaking in full sentences and conversational skills to enable the children to find out more about each other.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The children will spend time learning about the Golden Rules which underpin all that we do at Langstone Infant School. They will explore different stories that each give a message about different Golden Rules and think about how we can apply this to life at school and also in our homes.

Alongside this, the children will be learning to strengthen relationships with familiar faces and also develop new relationships with adults and children. We will support them to problem solve, share, take turns and show kindness.

Physical Development

The children are provided with regular opportunities to develop their gross and fine motor skills as part of their day to day play. They have regular access to the play trail, scooters, bikes and climbing equipment. Alongside this, they strengthen their core muscles and hands by developing sitting skills through a range of activities. As part of their Continuous Provision, they are provided with opportunities to colour, use scissors and other tools, work with malleable objects such as playdough and develop pencil skills.

When they begin their PE sessions, they will learn to balance in different ways and how to move safely in the school hall.


The children will begin their Phonics sessions where they will learn about initial sounds in words and the letters (graphemes) that represent each sound (phoneme). They will develop their letter formation and begin to recognise simple words. We will teach the children how to segment words to hear the sounds within them. Ie- nut= n-u-t.


In maths the children will be learning and consolidating their knowledge of numbers 1-5. We are aware that many children recognise these numbers and we will be using the mastery approach to deepen their understanding of these numbers. For example, recognising the number 3 and understanding that it is made up of 2+1, 3+0, 1+1+1 and so on…. Whilst also understanding that 3 is one more than 2, 1 less than 4 and can be represented in a range of ways. Alongside this, we will teach the children how to develop their reasoning skills and confidently explain what they know about numbers.

Understanding the World

The children will be encouraged to look at how they have changed using photographs. They will identify similarities and differences  between themselves as babies, toddlers and now school children! They will talk about their families and compare them to others to develop the understanding that we all have similarities and difference. The classes will explore books and Nursery Rhymes that talk about life in the past (Peepo, Alfie stories…) and identify clues from the pictures that show that they are not set in the present day. They will develop enquiry skills by asking questions about what they can see.

Expressive Art and Design

Each class will take time to explore how to use tools safely and sensibly. They will learn about the different resources within the creative area and how to use them appropriately. The children will be encouraged to express themselves creatively through their art work and talk about their pictures that they create. We will also take part in daily singing of well known rhymes and songs and encourage the children to join in with words and actions.