Space Topic

Year One children got into the swing of their space topic by making rockets, stars and flying saucers.  They also had great fun using the computers to turn themselves into astronauts.

The children looked at the story ‘How to Catch a Star’ by Oliver Jeffers.  They put actions to the story and used this to help them retell it in their own words.  They also made stars of their own by following instructions to create a salt dough star and a cardboard star.

As part of our Space topic, we found out about the moon landing and significant astronauts.  We made comparisons between Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake, and produced information booklets and posters for each.

Year one children have been learning about the artist Peter Thorpe.  They explored his abstract space work using rockets and practised different techniques in order to produce a space picture in the style of Peter Thorpe.  First, they used paint to create an abstract background, then they collaged planets and used oil pastels to create rockets in the foreground.