We celebrated World Book Day on Thursday 7th March. The children came dressed up as different characters and brought the book that related to their outfit.

Each class chose a different book to work on during the day. The children completed maths and English tasks linked to the book. Some classes got creative with art and some classes even danced for their books.

Class 1 Storm Whale
Class 2 Blown Away
Class 3 We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
Class 4 Duffy’s Lucky Escape
Class 5 The Lion Who Wanted to Love
Class 6 Farmer Duck
Class 7 Here Come the Aliens
Class 8 Grandad’s Secret Giant
Class 9 The Day the Crayons Quit

Class 1

The children  read the book ‘The Storm Whale’ by Benji Davies.
Some of the activities the children took part in where making whales from paper plates, writing a description of the whale, ordering events from the story and making a trolley from construction bricks to carry the whale.  They finished the afternoon sharing their books and talking about the characters they had become for the day.

Class 4

The children read the book ‘Duffy’s Lucky Escape.’

Class 7

The children read ‘Here Come the Aliens.’ The children wrote postcards from different Alien planets and completed a maths challenge about Aliens with different numbered legs. The children got creative, making moving Alien pictures.