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Whole School – Friday’s Home Learning

Whole School – Friday’s Home Learning

Home learning for Friday 10th July

Warm up activity Joyful Jellyfish
  1. Lie down on a mat or blanket. Let your arms rest loosely by your sides.
  2. Close your eyes and notice your tummy rising and falling with your breathing.
  3. Feel your muscles sinking into the floor beneath you. Let your body be as still as possible.
  4. Imagine you are a joyful jellyfish floating in the water.
  5. Now let your worries glide off your jelly body. Feel them slip away in the water.
  6. Float freely through the sea – nothing in your way, nothing holding you back.
  7. When you are finished, rise slowly, taking your joyful jellyfish heart with you. 
Main activity Scary? Not scary? 

Some people love to be scared by books, tv programmes or movies. But sometimes a scary story or character can stick in your mind and make you feel anxious about things that don’t exit. It is always OK to take a break from something that scares you, even if you know it’s something made-up like ghosts, monsters or witches. 

If something scary makes you feel overly worried – meaning that you can’t stop thinking about it and it starts to change who you normally are – you might find it helpful to become an expert about that scary thing. 

When you feel calm and brave talk to your grown up and ask questions about that scary thing. They might use books or websites to answer your questions or they might just know the answer. 

No question is too silly. Sometimes by talking about a worry can help us put it into perspective – this means it helps us to understand how we are feeling in relation to other worries and thoughts. 

You and your grown up need a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. With your grown up talk about something that scares you, it might be a character or a movie or something else. Then ask as many questions as you can about it. Together you and your grown up should talk about the answers. 

Your grown up might share an example of something they are scared of, or something they were scared of as a child.


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