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Year 2 – Thursday’s Home Learning

Year 2 – Thursday’s Home Learning

Year 2 Home learning for Thursday 21st May

Subject focus What we need to learn: How we might learn it:
English  Reading To read with expression. 

Today we are going to continue to read with expression. 

Choose a book you know well (it could be one you have practised this week)

Spend a little bit of time practicing reading a small section with good expression. Remember to use your voice to respond to the text. 

Can you record yourself reading the page or section for your teachers. You need to keep the video quite short as big video files won’t send over email. 

Record yourself and then watch it back. Think about what you did well with your voice and think of one thing you could do to make it sound even better!

Challenge – Have another go and try to improve your first video.

Writing To describe a character. 

Look at the work from the last few days. Today you are going to write a paragraph about your character. First you need to draw a picture of your character at the top of the page and then write a paragraph about them. 

You could make it into a WANTED poster if you’d like to. 

First, write about what the character looks like. You can use some of your sentences from Tuesday or you can look at the noun phrases you didn’t use to make some new ones. Then write about the personality of the character. Look at your work from Wednesday to help you. Finally you can write some extra sentences about the character using your own ideas. What else could you say about them? Why did you choose them? What do you like about them?

Maths To recap and reinforce telling the time skills.

Today, you need to choose which level to focus on;

Bronze – I need to practice o’clock and half past.

Silver – I know o’clock and half past, but need to practice ¼ past and ¼ to.

Gold – I know all of the above.

Bronze – practice with this online activity;

Now try to complete sheet 1 (below)

Silver – play the board game, or repeat the clock activity from Monday (activity 3 – the ten times stated – show on a clock or the online clock)

Now try to complete sheet 2 (below)

Gold – practice with this online activity (Level Two / Level Three);

Now try to complete sheet 3 (below)

Other: Technology To follow a design to make a boat.

Using the design that you drew yesterday, collect together your resources and build your lifeboat. 

Make sure you can fit at least one toy person on the boat.

When you have made your boat, carefully in the sink, bath or in a bowl or water with an adult’s help test it.

Does it float? Can it carry the person? Can it carry more than one person?

Why did we design lifeboats this week?

Remember to email your child’s class teacher to let them know how you’ve got on. We’d love to see examples of what you’ve been up to. 

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Mrs Knapp and Mrs Marshman 

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