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Year 1 – Tuesday’s Home Learning

Year 1 – Tuesday’s Home Learning

Year 1 Home learning for Tuesday 2nd June

Subject focus What we need to learn: How we might learn it:
English  Reading Being encouraged to link what they read or hear read to their own experiences

Re-read the story ‘Supermarket Zoo’ – by Caryl Hart (either on yesterday’s document or on this Youtube link).

Think about a time when you have been to a Supermarket. What was your trip like? What did you buy? Was it similar or different to Albie’s trip? If you had been to Albie’s supermarket in ‘Supermarket Zoo’ what would you have thought about it? How would you be feeling? What would you have bought and why?

INTERNET SAFETY: Please remember you should have an adult with you when you go online – Keep SAFE online

Extension activity – Write about what is similar and different about your trip to a supermarket and Albie’s trip to the supermarket.

Or Write a list of what you would have bought at the supermarket zoo.

Writing Write sentences by:

  • Saying out loud what they are going to write about
  • Composing a sentence orally before writing it

Think about the different animals you might see at the zoo (penguins, lions, monkeys, giraffes, elephants, tigers, hippos, rhinos etc.).  You might want to look back at the book for some ideas.  Now write some descriptive sentences with the use of ‘and’ to say which two animals you saw on an imaginary visit e.g.

I went to the zoo and I saw a gigantic grey elephant and some silly monkeys swinging.

Think carefully about your sentence, finger spaces, spelling and punctuation.

Maths Solve one-step problems involving multiplication and division, by calculating the answer using concrete objects, pictorial representations and arrays with the support of the teacher. 

Today you will be using your knowledge of counting in 2’s to complete some repeated addition and multiplication number sentences. These are shown below. 

Remember, 2 + 2 + 2   is 3 lots of 2 and we can write this as 3 x 2 =

Use the pictures to help you. 

Extension: ask a grown up or older sibling to write the counting in 2’s sequence down for you but with some of the numbers missing or covered. Can you work out which numbers are missing from the sequence?  



Can I use world maps, atlases and globes countries, continents and oceans.

Choose your favourite animal. Mine is a giraffe. 

Find out as much as you can about this animal and present your findings in any way you like. You might like to write all your facts on small pieces of paper or create a poster with a drawing or photo of your chosen animal in the middle. Make sure you include where your animal lives. 

Remember to email your child’s class teacher to let them know how you’ve got on. We’d love to see examples of what you’ve been up to. 

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