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Year 2 – Tuesday’s Home Learning

Year 2 – Tuesday’s Home Learning

Year 2 Home learning for Tuesday 30th June  – Sport Theme

Subject focus What we need to learn: How we might learn it:
English  Reading To use my reading skills to solve problems and answer questions. Today we are carrying on with our reading mystery. We will be solving clue 2 and 3 to find out some more information about the person who took the missing medal! Look at the clues below to find the next clues. 
Writing Can I use a clause to extend my sentences. 

Think back to yesterday when you choose your favourite sport. Today you are going to draw the ‘kit bag’ for that sport and draw 3-5 things in the bag.

When you have drawn the bag, write a sentence for each item, stating why you would need that item for the sport. 

Remember to try and use a clause to extend your sentence, for example:

“I would need football boots, with studs, so that I don’t slip on the mud.”

“Footballers would need a football because….”

“Footballers need shin pads so…”

Maths To use and apply knowledge of number and logic. Below you will find some Maths practice questions. Some are calculations (sums), others are problems to solve. Do the ones you are confident with first, leave the harder ones until last. Don’t forget to use strategies like column method, blank number line, jottings, arrays, drawing Dienes or mental knowledge. Check your work. Always ask yourself – Does my answer make sense?
Other:  To understand similarities and differences between the UK and another country.

You should now be an expert on the next host country of the Olympic Games, Japan.

Your task today is to make a fact poster about Japan. You could call it ‘All about Japan!’.

Create your poster on one or two sheets of A4 paper. Think about the poster layouts we did at school this year – use headings, draw or print pictures (label the pictures or write a caption to explain them), ‘Did you know?’ boxes, fun facts. Use the Internet to find more pictures or information about Japan if you would like to.

Please remember – always have a grown up with you when you use Internet resources – keep safe online.

Remember to email your child’s class teacher to let them know how you’ve got on. We’d love to see examples of what you’ve been up to. 

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