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Year R – Tuesday’s Home Learning

Year R – Tuesday’s Home Learning

Year R Home learning for Tuesday 14th July

Subject focus What we need to learn: How we might learn it:
Literacy Children use their phonic knowledge to write words in ways which match their spoken sounds. They also write some irregular common words. They write simple sentences which can be read by themselves and others. Some words are spelt correctly and others are phonetically plausible.

Memories Booklet

Today we are going to carry on with the ‘Memories’ booklet. The page for today will be about your child’s happiest and funniest memories (See the additional files attached below). Try to encourage your child to write using full sentences.  When writing, encourage your child to sound out the words they want to write as independently as they can. 

Extra challenge: Encourage your child to add more detail to explain why it is their happiest or funniest memory. Eg, My funniest memory was _________ because________.

Maths  Using quantities and objects, children  add two single-digit numbers and count on to find the answer. 

Addition snakes and Ladders

Print off the simple snakes and ladders game (attached below) and follow the instructions to play the game. Alternatively if you do not have a printer, draw a simple grid and make your own snakes and ladders game – don’t forget to add your own addition sentences..

Other:  Children talk about past and present events in their own lives and in the lives of family members. 

Favourite Lockdown moments

Today we are going to look back over the changes that have happened during lockdown. 

We would like you to help your child to create a piece of photo based art using some of the lockdown photos you have taken over the last few months (alternatively you and your child could draw pictures if you have no photos). This piece of art can take whatever form you choose. You could make a poster, photo montage/picture book, e-book, powerpoint etc..The choice is yours. 

It would be lovely to see what you come up with together so please remember to share it in an email to us.  

Discuss together what changes have happened in the last few months. How have they made you feel? What were your child’s favourite/ least favourite moments?  Allow time for your child to discuss these changes with you. 

Remember to email the school to let us know how you’ve got on. We’d love to see examples of what you’ve been up to. 

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